My Book Reviews for Summertime Reading

So I know that a lot of blogs are doing some summer book reviews just now, I have saw quite a few in the past couple of weeks, so I thought I would just jump right on that bandwagon and I also like to do a kind of non-fashion related post on a Sunday too!
I have picked a selection of some of my favourite books, I have tried to picked mostly light summer reads.  I always think there is nothing worse than sitting by a pool and trying to work your head around the most complicated book plot.  But that's just me!
So here are my (mostly) fun, light and summery reads
For your (depending on your funds) vacation or your stay-cation.

I am such a fan of these two authors individually and I think they are just great together too.
Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List is about two childhood friends
and how their friendship is starting to change.
It's got more depth than you first expect and it's a really easy book to read

This is such a great book
I really loved it
It's about a girl who runs off to Paris and meets a group of American Backpackers on her way there.
They all team up together and travel around Paris
I don't know if i enjoyed this so much because I want to go to Paris so badly
and honestly by the end of it i was nearly buying my plane ticket because the book basically takes you on a journey around the city
Telling you about all the beautiful places to visit, music to listen to and french books to read.
The story is also really sweet.
If you have never read any Sara Manning books before you should definitely check her out
I have read (almost) all of her books and they are all really great
Her writing really draws you in and she makes really simple fun stories so enjoyable
This is my favourite book of hers I have read
If you are going to France or Paris on holiday I would recommend getting this in your Amazon basket straight away as it will make you so excited to go!

You know when you read a book and you love it so much
You kind of want to claim it as your find
Do you know what I mean, It's like you want to tell everyone about it and make sure they know that you read it first, like you want everyone to know about it but you still want to keep it on the down low.
It sounds weird writing that but the only thing i can compare it too is really liking a little unknown band and being in love with all their music and then all of a sudden the band signs a major record deal and becomes bigger than big and there music is known to everyone and they are not your musical secret anymore?
Well that is how I feel about Danny Wallace's books
When i ever meet someone and they talk about liking his books i instantly know that we will have the same humour, it's like a little club or something,hehe!
His books must bring this side of people out because years and years ago when i bought his first book (Are You Dave Gorman, written by Danny and Dave Gorman)
When i took it to the till in Borders the cashier guy actually went 'wow' when he say what book i was holding
I asked him what was wrong with it and he said no nothing wrongs it's just such a special book i get really excited when i see people buying it as i know they have never read it before and i just know that it will become there favourite book ( FYI it is one of them)'

When i went to hand over the money i noticed that he had charged me the wrong price, when i asked him why he just said 'Your choice of book is so good, you shouldn't have to pay full price'
I just thought that was really sweet
But now i have read Danny's books too, I understand why he did it
At the time even though that book was such a hit It was like a little cult or something for the people who had read it.
I have included two of Danny's books in this list.
If you are going to read them both i would read them in order this one first then Yes Man
It's not like they are follow ups or anything but i think they will make more sense this way.
All Danny's books are non-fiction
about things that happen in his life
This one is about what happened when he accidentally started his own kindness cult
Yes, seriously,
 I would say it all makes sense when you read it
But honestly it is still as random as it sounds
But that's why i love it
 i just love this book
All i would say is read it and just enjoy

So this is the second Danny Wallace book on the list
And it is my all time favourite book (along side To Kill A Mockingbird)
If you've not already read the book then you have probably saw the film
I have saw only a half hour of the film, as Jim Carry just repels me, why he was cast in this role i don't know, but that is just my inner fan girl of the book coming out.
What i would say is from what i have seen and read of the film, it has the very basic plot of the book but it is not actually the exact story line?
So even if you have saw the film i would definitely give the book a chance
Honestly i could just gush about it here all day, but don't worry i wont
All i will say it its interesting, captivating, inspiring and more than anything laugh out loud funny
Like you will laugh at some parts so much that you will cry
So my one warning with this book is do not read it in public places as your hysterical laughing may cause stares
My number one book for you to get for your summer holidays on this list!

The first book in the Pretty Little Liars series
It's kind of like Gossip Girl but with a murderous twist
I know they have made a TV show of it in America and it looks fab too!

This for me is the biggest example of not judging a book by its cover
I had saw this book previously but had refused to buy it because i just have a rule where i don't buy books with such obvious chick lit covers
But then I got it free with glamour this month
And i decided to read it
I was so wrong about it
I really really enjoyed it
And for the genre that it is, in it is of a really high standard in my opinion
A really fun story of a girl running away to New York
I now want to read the other two books in the series
They look just as good

I am a Britney fan and I am not afraid to admit it
Seriously even through her 'head shaven' phase i was still their buying the album
And like a true fan I am still holding out for a reconciliation between her and JT!
Well, when i heard that this book was coming out and it was meant to be secretly about Britney
I snapped it up
Written by both a former US Weekly team member and a make up artist to the stars, one of her clients rumored to be Britney?
This book is about a young 16 year old girl on the brink of stardom who is dating the hot lead singer of the biggest boy band
See where i got the Britney link?
Well i loved it and
I loved guessing what bits where really about famous people or not
A fun story for all you fellow Britney fans!

Written by the same authors of the first book on my list
This is such an amazing book
If you have seen the film then you will love this
Not only a great story but you will be rushing off to download half of the songs mentioned in the book

The most non-light (does that make sense?) book on my list
This is an autobiographic story of Dito Montiel
About all of the people who have made him who he is today, he calls them his saints
It's a really beautiful book, at times it's sad but you will really feel like you know him by the end of it
Also the movie made of the book is one of my favourites

Ok, so i will review these together as i don't think you should buy one without the other
because the first one leaves you wanting to know straight away whats going to happen
I thought the first one was a little slow to start but it really picks up mid-way
The second is much better in my opinion
I found it really enjoyable and i felt like you got to know the characters a lot better
I am excited to read the third
They are just sweet fun books and if  you are a fan of The hills then its fun to know what really goes on behind the scenes too!

So, there is my list of recommendations
The are very biased to personal taste, but i hope you can find something you like in there
I am looking for some new books to read too so I would love you all to leave your own recommendations too!
let me know what you think
And happy reading!


Phoebe said...

Noted down a couple of those! I have LA Candy ready to read, and got the Lindsay Kelk book free as well!
I have to say I always judge by the cover.. sad but true.
I think that's why Poptart stood out from that list!

Lane :) said...

i really want to read pretty little liars. it looks so good. :) and i'm' in the middle of reading LA candy. so far its really good.

Milly. said...

This is sucha great post!
I love hearing what people are reading. And thank you for the recommendations! I'm off to Paris in September, yay!
I've heard mixed things about LA Candy but I think I'll read it now! xx

Beckerman Girls said...

We have Lauren Conrad's books already and gonna start reading tonight!!! Thanks for doing this rad book review! WICKED!!!!!!!!!!
Have a fun readin and swimmin in the pool! We love your rockin' blog!
xooxBeckerman Girls

Beth Ruby said...

I LOVE Danny Wallace's books :D
And Nobodys Girl has been recommended to me so many times I have to buy it on Amazon after reading this post :)
Love this! xx

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i finished la candy awhile go,now i need sweet little lies!

mariska said...

thx for share,,
i'm looking for a new book.
those r great review.


MOLLYKT said...

i'll have to get reading!
and please do contribute, comment me your email!

kaye said...

I love your book list! They are all great plus they got pretty book covers! interesting!