I Miss Missing You...

Ok so Blogger still won't let me post pictures, are any of you having this problem or know how to fix it?
That means it's another video for the blog today
If you have been reading this blog then you'll know I'm a Saturdays fan
And i can't stop listening to their new song
So here is the pretty video for it
I have totally hair envy with Vanessa and Una in this video
I don't know what it is with The Saturdays they bring out my inner 9 year old Spice Girl era fangirl
I feel like i want to learn the dance moves to this song just like i used to when i was little with the Spice Girls songs
Seriously, If  a party ever needs lightening up I am there with my iconic Stop dance moves ( Hey you, always on the run, wanna slow it down baby.....)
So yeah, wanna come find a beach with me so we can re-create this dance routine, you know y'all want to, Unless you inner fangirl....hehe!
Have a great weekend!


MOLLYKT said...

I'LL SO COME DANCE! hahahaha
but i love this vid/song, and yeah, super hair envy!

ANN said...

The video is so pretty, I love The Saturdays and this song :)

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

great taste :)


Milly. said...

Hey lovely!
This song is so beachy / summery. Although I find some of the lyrics a bit odd!
Are you about in London this summer??

lots of love x