The Happening...

Some Inspiration and a bit of an update....
1+2. Festival season is in full swing now, although most people seem to be planning next years already, my friend has already asked me if i want a ticket for T next year, how can people plan ahead like that?
I love face paint, I always have ever since i was wee i went through a stage of actually wanting my career to be a street face painter, a kind of fun version of a make up artist, right?  Alas i just kept my face painting skills confined to local fairs and school fun days, my true face-painting talents never given their full chance to shine,hehe!
Anyway i love these pictures, they just look cool, full stop!

3.  It has rained here for basically like three days straight now, last night we even had thunder and lightning.
While watching the rain grow stronger to storm like proportions, i mused to my fellow family members, who, like me were all hiding out in the one room all wearing rubber soled shoes (we as a family are pretty scared of lightning hence all staying huddled together and wearing rubber soles so we dont get struck, I know, crazy!)
That when rain gets so crazy and heavy like that, their is a part of me that wants to just run out in it and dance around, something I'm sure i would regret afterwards but everyone else agreed too.  I now realise why, after seeing this picture, movies have told us for years that rain is romantic and that's why all the big old classics end with big romantic gestures taking place in the rain, it's kind of like, you know if we can be this happy in the rain, then i think we will do alright in real life, right?
So the next time it rains maybe we should all run out side and see if we have our own movie moment, please don't blame me if you get the cold/flu/other rain induced disease!

4.  No explanation needed, I hope for us all, we all grow up to be like this women, A legend. Fur, High Heels, A Turban, and....a bike!

5.  I am still in the midst of doing up my bedroom, It is starting to come together, it's so exciting!
But i am now starting to look for interesting things to hang on my wall, i love these old LP's all over the room, but i was thinking of having some old magazine covers i love framed, i don't know really, any ideas?

6.  ....Awesome

7.  I want to go to Paris.  And wining this competition might send me there, so if you lovely people wouldn't mind, would you give me your vote, to do so click here

8.  ....Also Awesome

9.  I really want this camera, it's a Lomo 4 lens.  So that when you take a picture you get four little pictures instead of one, I really want the Diana+ too but its a bit more expensive.  Has anyone got this camera, would love to know if it's as good as it looks and is it easy to get the photos developed?

10.  Just looks like the most perfect little garden hide-away

11.  One of my favourite bands ever Frightened Rabbit
I kinda of love anything they sing so i am probably biased here, but i really love this cover.
Do you remember this song originally Set You Free by N-Trance?  I really disliked the original although it is entwined in my childhood memories, when one of my sisters was going through a -listening-to-dance-music-phase, and when ever i would go to the local funfair it seemed to be the only song they played.  Either way i think this version is better!

I realised i don't ever really do many posts about what i am up to or what is inspiring me and why, like this one.  If you all like this one, i will try to do more.
It's nice sometimes to have a think about what is inspiring your fashion choices and in some way or another all of the above things are.
Sorry about the not commenting back for a while, i will get right on that just now.
Hope you enjoy let me know what you think?

P.S also soon i will be doing some review posts of things to listen to, watch or read in the summer time.
So if you guys have anything you want me to review or post about let me know, your bands cd, your new book you have written or a new film you have out..etc?


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