Yah finally some pictures!
Every time i try and upload pictures to a blog post using blogger i get a message saying 'Server Rejected' over the picture.
I eventually found this really really long way of getting a couple of pictures in the post which i have done with these ones
But I don't know how to get others in
Anyone know how to fix this problem?
Fingers Crossed it starts working again soon!
So, I love Drew Barrymore
Seriously i have always thought she was just fab
You know, if you had to pick a celebrity to be your 'real life' best friend then i would always pick her
She just seems so down to earth and fun!
And because of that i was super excited to know that she was the new cover start of Nylon Denim's issue
I normally always love Drew's editorials
As i think she has a really natural personal style that is normally reflected in the shoots
But i have got to say as much as i am a really big fan of Nylon
I really don't like the styling in this shoot at all
I think Drew looks awesome
and she is beautiful but I just think its really un-original styling
There isn't exactly anything wrong with it it's just bland,right?
I just think there is so much fashion-wise you can do with Drew and i don't know, i think i was just a little disappointed that Nylon didn't just take a chance and push the boundaries a bit with it
What do you guys think?
Do you like the shoot or do you think Nylon is playing it safe and needs to break out of its comfort zone?
P.S who would your fake 'Real life' celeb friend be?


Anonymous said...

Aww, i looove Drew too! i just recently rewatched her movie 50 first dates, sooo funny & cute :D
Yes, i agree, this photoshoot is not very original, it's kinda blaaa... but i love Drew's smile ;) & she's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

i like teh first photo, its very fun and playful, but i agree, it is so cliche!"

Cellardoor Magazine said...

I'd pick Rachel Bilson... she's the same height as me ha.

Erica said...

she's gorgeous, she's too cool to be my friend, i need someone less cool so i wouldn't feel like a dork around them.

Gina Marie Vintage said...

love these photos of Drew!

Gina Marie Vintage

elizabethandcatherine said...

Drew is absolutly gorgeous, she's so funky, doesn't care what people think and happy/high on life. She's awesome! Love this post. Liz xo