Dear Office (or Mr man/women who owns office).....

Um.. Just wanted to tell you that you have made the prettiest boots i have seen.
I know i haven't known them for long, I mean technically i only saw them for the first time today,
but i think I' love!
Yes, there i have said it, the truth is out
I love these boots.
So i only have one thing to ask
now that we know how much i love them
Can you please, you know, kinda change the price
Don't worry i wont tell anyone, Mr Office!
So they are £90 just now, how do you feel about knocking of the £0
I would be cool with that if you would?
Yours Sincerely


Phoebe said...

haha! Love those boots, would look great with some harem/skinny chinos.

Claire said...

i've had these shoes bookmarked for months now... checking everyday... waiting for them to go on sale... oh, wait, they were £85 quid last week - WHY ARE THEY GETTING MORE EXPENSIVE?!


Carolina Flores said...

iii have those and I love them so much!

Clara said...

i love it <3

Belle said...

Nice nice Boots, Shame they're from Office though. I boycott them on principle of bad bad customer service.