I heart The Big Bang Theory

P.S I have know idea why i felt the need to skip Step 3 either
Just in case you thought it was intentional!


Phoebe Rose said...

I love the cute colours!


Jade said...

Ah I love the big bang theory!

Megan said...

this is probably the best post ever created :)
I cant get enough of the Big Bang Theory
and I'm wondering whether or not I should buy those wonder woman reboks :)

aaston said...

Guys from the season 1 till season 4 I am hooked up with this show. The characters of this show are extremely wonderful and they doing their job really well. Watch Big Bang Theory online always.

kayalee said...

so many people hate this show, they say the only joke is characters saying things no one will understand. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I actually learned a lot about physics,and its so so funny! More people should give this show a chance.