Harem Trousers- Zara, T-Shirt- Old Concert Tee, Shoes- ASOS, Earrings- From a market in Italy, E Ring- Rock 'n' Rose, Heart ring- Me and Zena
Kinda fuzzy photos because of the sun but i kinda like it
These are 'The' comfiest trousers ever from Zara really lounge-y
(is that a word?) but i do sometimes feel like i am wearing pyjamas when i have them on.
I just threw on a New York Dolls tee with them as it was really hot today and i wanted to wear something loose
I know i basically wear these  ASOS shoes in every post but i just love the colour
ASOS is amazing at the moment i think
There is so many things i want from it, beautiful little dresses and playsuits especially
Hope you are all having a great start to your week
I am kinda excited for Wimbledon starting today too,
I've got to be honest though i just figured out the (basic) rules to tennis last year whilst watching it and i only watch the games with Andy Murry really,
 I'm Scottish so i am totally Team Murray
but still i like looking at all the pretty white outfits and Ralph Lauren ball boy blazer too!
P.S Please excuse the bad nail polish half on/half off look!


Milly. said...

OK two things.
Love your shoes...
and LOVEEEE your ring even more?! I totally want it. I'm into rings so much ... yum x

Vicki said...

Love your rings!! both equally! :) x

proletkult said...

you're ring is so cool.:D and i like your messy hair ;-)

Anonymous said...

i love this!
you've got a great blog, keep it up
and if you've got a second and love cute little dresses, go to and sign up for sway, a company launching their collection in the only takes 3 seconds and it will help send me to vegas..i need 1,000 sign ups before august! it would mean the world.
love your inspiration, i'll definitely come visit your blog again!


5thandsweet said...

Ahhh those pants and shoes are devine!

Loving pastel =)

Cute blog =)


Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

That scrabble ring is seriously the cutest thing ever!

Rand said...


Anonymous said...

love it!


you are so sweet girl!
I am in love for your cool colors and style...great job cool girl!!!

Ashley said...

Loving your flower print pants, those are too awesome! And those turquoise shoes! Love it :)


elizabethandcatherine said...

Adore your rock n rose E ring it's awesome and your pants look soo comfy!! :) Liz xx