Starry Eyes

Top-Topshop, Skirt-Zara, Flower Hairband-Primark, Shoes-Converse, Ring- Me and Zena, Necklace-Dogeared
So funny looking at these photos
It's like 'How Many Faces Can I Pull In Each Picture'
My mum took these pictures and she kept getting me mid-speaking or laughing hence the shocked/amused/laughing faces,hehe!

I love this new top i got from Topshop
I think its really lady-like, I don't think you can see in these pictures but it has big kinda puffy shoulders
It's cute
Also this jersey skirt from Zara really reminds me of that American Apparel one that's jersey with the two side pockets
I'm really lovin' Zara just now too!

My sister said that i looked like i was going to a really strange wedding with this outfit on!
I think it was because of the massive flower in my hair!

Currently I have been chilling out in this lovely sunshine
-Listening to a mix of indie kids and Disney starlets (seriously those Disney peeps know how to pen a good pop song, Selena Gomez-Naturally, anyone?)

-Reading Kelly Cutrone's new book, has anyone else read it, I'm half way through, I really don't know what to think of it?

-Watching Britain's Got Talent and realising how much small children in sparkly costumes doing 'Jazz Hands' dance routines scare me greatly, I don't know if it the make up or the overt enthusiasm that freaks me the most?


kumar said...

you looks very pretty your expressions are cute cute

Sara said...

Lovely outfit!!
You seem so sweet with it...
Thanks for comment! :)

PersonalShop said...

I really love your outfit. You look so cute^^
U such a beautiful curvier girl^^

proletkult said...

really cute, i like it!

Raez said...

so pretty! i lvoe your outfit and your smile especially:)

also, thanks for your coment on my birtdhay post. that was a great quote:) I really loved it. Where is it from?

xx raez

Melanie M said...

I love love love this outfit! The top is muy muy bonita! ;)


Anonymous said...

That skirt is beyond lovely. Wow, it looks so yummy. I may have to invest! You look very pretty!
Much love,
Izzy -

Grace said...

You look gorgeous. And I love the lace with polka dots.

Love Grace.

Pia said...

i am obsessed with your eye makeup!! and let me know what you think of Kelly Cutrone's book! i've been thinking of reading it too

rebecca said...

britians got talent is so freaky! i hate watching the show it just upsets me!
love your topshop top and just the whole outfit, its just great! x

Claire said...

you know what creeps me out about BGT? all the dance groups in general. Oh, I remember the days when George Sampson was original... Diversity even... But jeez, NO MORE. I DON'T LIKE THESE CHILD POP LOCKERS WITH THE PUSHY PARENTS ON THE SIDE. ahhhhhhhh. rant over. xx

Annie.T said...

these photo's are adorable! i love it.. =)