Otis & Maclain

This is some of the pieces from the Otis & Maclain new collection
I wrote a post about their last collection a while ago
i thought that one was great but honestly i am in love with this new one
The minute i saw the lookbook i was like' wow'
It's really perfect for my style
It's just so simple but with a really chic edge to it
I think as well, it's sometimes underestimated how hard it actually is to make
simpler day clothes
and i think Otis & Maclain are totally leading in this area
Their clothes are just really perfect for achieving that effortless daytime look
I genuinely think every piece is just so pretty
But my favourites are def the 4th one
I could totally see this looking beautiful with a pair of indigo skinny jeans
And the 9th one down is just the most perfect looking dress
Definitely my favourite summer dress I've seen yet!
You should check out their website if you haven't already
I just can't seem to find out where sells it in the UK
Hopefully somewhere starts to stock it soon!
Fingers crossed!
P.S some of you may have noticed i have added a new magazine under 'The Magazines I Have Written For' at the side of my blog
I was a contributor on the latest issue of Dujour magazine
I did an interview with the people behind Tsi~La
You should check it out if you get a chance!


My Republic of Fashion said...

Easy to wear collection. I would love some of these.:)SarahD

coco said...

I love all the stripe printed pieces.