It is such beautiful weather where i am
I hope that summer has officially started where you are too
And if it's not summer time where you are i hope this cheers you up and makes you think of
sunshine and equally as lovely things!
I thought i would make up a playlist of some of the songs i have been listening to in the sunshine
It is a pretty random collection to say the least
Some i love because they are awesome and some just because they are cheesy pop songs that are great to sing along to!
But I have picked them all  because they make me think of summer!
I hope you enjoy them
Let me know what you think and what is on your summer playlists?
So sit back and press play!


fritha louise said...

Great choices, this is a really good summery playlist!

noura. said...


My Republic of Fashion said...

Love the poem! Really like your playlist, am loving 'Once' at the moment.SarahD:)

LACY said...

luv these songs they bring back so many memories, great blog btw :)