Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights

I looove to bake
Cup-cakes, sponges, crispy cakes, anything old fashioned, retro baking is what i love
I just think it always tastes lovely and it's kind of homely sort of baking too
But apart from baking i have to be honest i don't know how to really cook
I mean apart from popping things in an oven and heating them up
I don't know how to really make a meal from scratch
A little while ago though I started to watch a new cooking show on TV called
'The Delicious Miss Dahl'
The show was about Sophie Dahl, the famous British model
cooking all her own favourite recipes
The thing is all cooking shows normally bore me
I hate chefs speaking to you like they are these magicians making food that you would never be able to make
For me, someone who has never properly cooked i always found their shows unapproachable
But there was something about Sophie's show though
I just loved it!
I loved the way that in between her recipe's she would quote from her favourite books and go to her favourite vintage shops and gives you little antidotes about her life and what inspired her recipes
Also her recipe's all seemed really simple
But at it's core all the recipes looked like beautiful food that you would genuinely want to eat  rather than be too scared to touch it in case you mess up the way it looks on your plate
Sophie made me feel like it was possible that i too could cook what she was cooking
She wasn't making the cooking intimidating
and made it clear from the start that she wasn't a chef, just someone who really really loves food
And you could really feel her passion
Even the kitchen she cooked in was stunning so quirky and kitsch
I know that the verdict to her show was very mixed some people thought she was quite full on and maybe too sugary sweet and then others like me just thought it was the best cooking show they had seen
Either way it inspired me
It gave me the push i needed to finally start to learn how to cook
So i ordered her book
Which goes with the series
It has about 100 recipe's in it i think and was £9.99 from Amazon,
It is such a pretty book with beautiful pictures and a story all the way through with Sophie telling you about her life and how she came to love food
I know i have to just start with the basics as I'm new to this whole cooking thing
But i didn't realise how much fun it was cooking from scratch!
So i thought i would take some pictures of my first try at Sophie's Eton Mess
But i tweaked it a little so instead of the mess
I kept the meringues unbroken and made the rhubarb more runny than chunky
In these pictures the rhubarb came out a funny colour but in real life it was much redder!
I have also put up a video of Sophie talking about the book as she explains it well and will give you a better idea of what it is like
I would definitely recommend this book to you if you are like me and have not cooked a lot or if you just like really simple home-style cooking!
P.s. Don't worry this hasn't turned in to a food blog, i just wanted to do a little review of the book for you all and also i like to do something less-fashion related on a Sunday!
P.p.s- Do any of you have any fab recipe's that you want to share especially some gorge vegetarian ones, as i am struggling to find veggie ones i like!


emily viveur said...

this looks delicious! i love eton messes and how you did your own take.

elizabethandcatherine said...

yay! I LOVE to cook & bake. I suck at it, but I still love it. I would love to get this book and work my way through it- disasterously. Those desserts look great! hope they were yummy. LIZ xxx

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Yum!! Looks so delicious!! I love to know how to bake! xoxoxoxo

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Ohmygod, that looks seriously yummy! I want someeee!

Anonymous said...

Baking is my relaxation - it's so much more satisfying than buying something. And I just adore Miss Dahl!

Miss B xx