The lives and Times of The Olsens Hair

Still my favorite Mary-Kate look to this day
I have been searching for the perfect hair colour to try that isn't too red and isn't too orange kind of Auburn
And i think this is the one
I just love the colour and think it looks so amazing on Mary-Kate
When i was looking at older Olsen's pictures i realised that i, without thinking, chronicle Mary-Kate and Ashley by there hair colours
-There is the Honey Blond era- When they were making there Straight to video movies, which by the way i loved them all!
Seriously I still love Winning London!
-The 'When they were leaving school' brown and Blond/Orange/Red - When Mary-Kate started to rebel via hair colour!
-Then there was the whole 'super blond' looks- When they where channelling a kinda ice princess look
And finally 'the Classic'- Which i consider to be when they launched there fashion lines til now.
Does anyone else do this or does it just show that I have beyond major hair envy with Mary-Kate and Ashley?


Jade said...

I agree with the orangey blonde of Mary Kate. I've got a vibrant red colour at the mo, but it's too hard to maintain in the summer so I'm looking to head in this direction too.
I loved them when they were both in those double trouble movies. Me and my twin sister used to re-enact the scenes! Too bad we're no as stylish as either of them.

The Style Rawr said...

Yey we're your 160th follower! Nice round number ;)

Love the blog, so much fun!

Hair envy, yes. Nicole Scherzinger. It's so dark, thick, yet endlessly voluminous and shiny. I don't understand it, yet at the same time I do, she's ridiculously perfect all over so it just makes sense that her hair follows suit!

Come see us soon!

Jade x x x

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Yes, I have lost count of the number of times I have taken an Olsen picture to the hairdresser with me!
Mary Kate's hair in the second pic is an absolute favourite, along with a picture of Ashley at the CFDAs (I think) years ago with blonde hair and black leather jacket. xx


ive always loved the first photo. i think mk looks so stunning. actually my favourite look too.


rebecca said...

love that second picture so much! her hair is THE perfect colour and love the way its put in this loose ponytail. it just looks amazing! i want hair that exact shade! how do i get that?! x

Hayley said...

I want that reddish brown colour too has any one had any luck with trying to match this colour? xx