Lime Crime

These images are from Lime Crime make-up
I first heard about this make up brand a little while ago but totally forgot about it until i saw the post a few days ago on the fabulous blog Nice and Shiny (BTW if you haven't already checked this blog out it really is great and she has just opened up a really beautiful shop, she's super talented)

So i went to finally have a look at their site
It is just perfect!
Bright, bold and beautiful is how i would describe it
Anyone who reads this blog will know that i am a fan of Unicorns and the fact that this make up comes with sparkly Unicorn packaging is just the icing on the cake for me!
With reasonably prices and great colours
I definitely want to get my hands on some of these products
These are my favourites-

So super pretty!
Check out the website here for more loveliness!


Kylie said...

I was SO close to ordering that blue colour lipstick too, but my practical side got the best of me, haha! Thanks for all the support and super sweet comments, they mean a lot to me!

If I ever got the chance to join the sats I'd take in an instant. Not as the 6th member though, I'm booting Una and taking her place HAHA! (Sorry if you like her...). One step closer to Frankie, baby!


fritha louise said...

I love all the Lime Crime stuff, definitely getting one of the lipsticks when I next have money!

Anonymous said...

OOOh, the eye colour is lush. I'm not sure I could pull off the blue lipstick, something just not quite right about it. I love a bit of orange though (who am I to talk!)

Corinne xx

The Style Rawr said...

LOVE! You had me at unicorn.....