Elizabeth and James

Like every other girl in the land I find going jean shopping more than a little tiresome, how can one piece of clothing cause so much hassle?
They are either too dark
Too light
Too big
Too small
Baggy at the bum
Lose at the waist
Tight at the thighs
Seriously the list could go on...
I have only once found a near perfect pair and they were the indigo wash Baxter jean from Topshop
But that was many many years ago and i am in serious need of a new pair
I have never been one to dive into the whole designer jean thing
Truth be told though its because i have never had a spare £200 lying around that i could just spend on some denims
 On my recent search for jeans though I think i have found the 'one'
Whilst browsing the Elizabeth and James site (something which i have to be honest in saying i probably do too much), I came across these beauties!
They are from the Elizabeth and James Textile line
These are called Jimi
Kirstin Cavallari was spotted out and about in them. 
I love the bootcut flare and the wash they are like proper vintage Rock'n'Roll jeans
I also love The Stevie from E+J Textile too
It has just got more of a wider flare and different pockets but equally as gorgeous
I am so excited by these two styles
I love when you find a style of jeans you love and you think will really flatter you
Unfortunately at the price they retail at ($245) I think i will have to keep my fingers crossed for a very very big sale!

Whilst i was browsing the Elizabeth and James site i also came across this ring
I am in love with it
I have been looking for a really classy, chic double fingered ring
And this has got to be the one
I love the simple design and the fact it looks delicate but has still got an edge!

Everyone who reads this blog will know what a fangirl i am of Mary-Kate and Ashley, their style and both of their lines-
The Row and Elizabeth and James
I really think though after looking at the E+J site a lot recently that Elizabeth and James is just getting better and better with every collection
It is just really simple
And i think that is something that a lot of designers find it hard to do with their lines
To not over complicate their pieces and to let the person wear the clothes and not the clothes wear the person!
And i think it just shows how talented Mk and A are to have managed to find the balance!
Let me know what you think and if you are as big a fan as me of Elizabeth and James!


Richie Riches for Less said...

Love those jeans!! I am a huge fan of the cami that kristin cavallari is wearing from Winter Kate!!
check out my blog www.richierichesforless.blogspot.com

Islandia Lane said...

just discovered your blog... I LOVE E&J and that ring is awesome and those jeans ::swoon::

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

i always have trouble finding jeans as well. there seems to always be somehting wrong with them! lovely blog. :)

<3chelsea elizabeth

Ashley said...

I am in love with those jeans! They are the perfect bell-bottoms. And I'm pretty sure Rumi of FashionToast has a pair, and looks fabulous in them too!


TristanEmma said...

I really really need those jeans!! So happy they came out with the textile line!