Sometimes I can watch  films over and over again and be more inspired by them each time i watch
 Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are two of those
Before Sunrise is about Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy's charachers meeting by chance and falling in love with each other
 The film is over the course of a day
The whole film is just the two main character's talking exploring the City they are in
And Before Sunset is the sequel
Basically the two main characters meet up again years later
Again this one is just the two of them talking and walking around Paris
reconnecting over the course of an afternoon
The two films are just so beautiful
The way they are shot makes you feel like you are walking through the streets with them
Everytime i re-watch these film i am always so inspired by Julie Delpy's style in them
In the first one its the tee with the strappy dress and plaid shirt
And in the second the more chic but still un-done Parisian look
I love all different types of films but i must admit these two by far,
 without it being cheesy and predictable is somehow the most romantic and realistic
When you watch Before Sunset it makes you long to roam the Parisian streets and drink in little cafes like they do
So this weekend if you are looking for a film to watch i urge you to check these out
I would say watch them both in order just so you get the full effect
But i actually say the last one before the first and it didn't make much difference
I have put the trailers to both films in this post too!
Do you love these films as much as me?
Let me know if you check it out and what you think!


WildFlower said...

I remember these movies! I loved Before Sunrise when it came out! So romantic! Loved their philosophical discussions through it.

Hena Memishi said...

this is actually the scariest thing! i just finished watching these movies like 20 mins ago!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I have yet to watch these films because they look so romantic!! I tend to watch my favorite movies over and over again too! xoxoxoxoo

Malvestida said...

Are you kiddin? Those movies are like... EPIC!
Ever seen their scene in the movie waking life?
Check it out:

Lovely blog btw!
Cheers all the way from Mexico.