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Pictures from TheSaturdaysDaily.org
This is the girlband The Saturdays performing at The Isle Of White Festival yesterday
I really really love their playsuits
Anyone know where they are from?
The Green, Purple and Red one's are my favourites
A perfect alternative to a summer dress
And I think it looks fab with Vanessa's white Doc's too!


Kylie said...

Ahhh, freaking out right now! I thought I'm the only blogger who feels the need to post about the Sats! Team Sats foreeever!
Omg werk Vanessa
Oh hi my girlfriend, Frankie!

Sorry don't know where they're from! But they remind me of the romper I made a few weeks ago out of a hawaiian shirt. You can check out my tutorial and make one yourself!

Also, thanks for your sweet comment! Going to look back at some of your posts right now! Although any blog I open and see mah gurls right there I know is good ;)


MOLLYKT said...

i have a weird fascination with the saturdays...
i agree, gorgeous playsuits!

Nubiasnonsense said...

I don't know where they're from but they sure are cute! Very colorful and fun

The Book of Right-On said...

Wow! Frankie's playsuit is lush! When I sae them preform in Glasgow there were wearing some awful outfits - looking hella fitter here. I love their tune "If this is love" cos it's got that Yazoo sample in it.
I don't know where their playsuits are from but I do know this other playsuit shop http://www.weareallinone.co.uk/ she had loads of african print stuff before and is planning on doing more this summer so watch this space Ele from BORO x

rebecca said...

love those doc martens! thats a really cute outfit! i wanna wear that this summer! dunno where to get the playsuits from. i know topshop do playsuits but theyre normally quite plain, not like these. these are amazing! x

serena said...

traffic people! i have it in black!