Strike a Pose

This is Bo Don shot by photographer Billy Kidd.
I have been falling more than a little in love with Billy's work recently
All his photos have this kind of intensity to them that just makes them so striking and beautiful
These of Bo are some of my favourites
She looks amazing here and if yesterdays post with Bonnie didn't give us enough hair envy i now have it even worse after seeing Bo's amazing tresses!
Check out Billy Kidd's work on his Blog here


Sjaar said...

great shots!

Clelia said...

Basically I am a journalist but i start following in love with fashion pic... Bo is a great artist, and I do like the air moves

excellent photos selection


jessica said...

oh gosh she is so stunning.

Anonymous said...

love it!

im following you, you2?

Emilie said...

Great shots!
Love it!

Jason said...

Thanks for introducing his work! He has some inspiring stuff!