Pictures from Radio One's Big Weekend Festival
Here are the most stylish peeps there in my opinion- Let me know if you agree!
1.Ellie Goulding
2. Florence from Florence and the Machine rocking a John Lennon/Johnny Cash mix
3+4. Tinie Tempah I think he has a really strong look, this isn't one of his best but from what i have saw of him he is definitely a fashion boy in the making.  I think it's always great when you see rappers experimenting with fashion rather than just wearing what is expected of them, think Tinie may be following in Kanye's footsteps!
5. MGMT, again a more casual look for them than usual for a festival but they are just really cool hence why they are included in this post
6+7+8. Florence again! Her stage outfits are my favourite of any musician right now, she has got that romantic/floaty look down.  Also loving the drama in these pictures of her one long sleeve in the air!
I just love looking at on stage photos
Hope you enjoy too! 


Becca. said...

if only we got tickets eey?
florence looks amazing as usual!
thanks for the comment on my blog :)

rebecca said...

i watched florences performance online and it was amazing! that dress is so cool! i really wanna see ellie gouldings performance coz i havent seen much of her live stuff.. love that pic or her.
and how cute is that MGMT pic?! i dunno what it is about it, i just love it! x

Raez said...

such rad photos!

i adore the third last and the last ones.

xx raez

Dee said...

MGMT!! Love them, want to see them live so so bad. Stage photos and videos of live stage performances are so much fun to look at.

Jocelyn said...

I love love lov ellie goulding! And your edward sharpe song posted below is one of my favorites. You have great taste in music my dear!