It's a nice day for a white wedding....

I have found the most beautiful website for photography and i couldn't help but post some of the pictures here
I don't know about you when but when i think of wedding photography, i think cheesy, tacky and kinda forced and fake
So when i came across this Wedding website i couldn't believe my eyes
Beautiful upon beautiful photographs of real peoples weddings
They are more like editorials from a fashion magazine than tacky wedding photography
I am actually in love with some of these weddings, they all look really personal and low key
Which is what i would want when i get married ( i am taking waaaaaay into the future here)
This set of pictures caught my eye the most
It's of a couple called Dan and Emily
The wedding took place on Dan’s family farm in Virginia
I just think it looks so simple and sweet but Emily looks stunning and her Oscar De La Renta dress it's just beyond ah-mazing!
Let me know what you think and i wanna know what your dream wedding would be like or are you already married and  had the most perfect day?
Fill Me In!
Oh and check out the website here
P.S Congrats to Phoebe from Peluxe blog for winning the goodies from my blog giveaway!



you are so right! the most cool weeding ever!

Anonymous said...

so wonderful indeed! those shoes are fabulous! have to keep that in mind! hehe

such a lovely blog of yours!


StuddedLilly said...

the pictures are so beautiful! the bride's dress and head piece are stunning! love the photo when she's looking into the can see the intensity in her face!
great post!

proletkult said...

awesome! thanks for your tip!

Lori said...

aww these photos are beautiful, so jealous of her ODR dress

WildFlower said...

This is amazing! It looks like what a wedding should be, sharing with friends and family, relaxed celebration. Rather than the stress-pot typical weddings that can be rather cringe worthy.
I would get married in New Zealand on my boyfriends family farm...where I actually camped on when I was a child before I even knew him!!?? I think an outside wedding is lovely x

Emilie said...

Love the photos!!!!!!!!!

rebecca said...

i want this photographer for my wedding (i am 16 and arent planning to get married for a long time but theres no such thing as starting planning to early!)
i love that its real people but its such amazing photography x

Becca. said...

that looks like such amazing wedding, all the photos are beautiful!
i want to get married now, just to have pretty photos taken of me like that and to be happily in love!
oh well i can dream!
Thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Maverick Malone said...

So beautiful!!

noirohio vintage said...

this is so good! My sister is getting married soon and I was so happy to send her this link!