Her name is Anna

Anna Brewster
She is awesome
Like a young Kate Moss?
If you have never seen the Tv show with Anna in it called Nearly Famous
You should definitely check it out
It was on E4 over here and i really loved it there was only 6 episodes but it was great and Anna had an awesome wardrobe in it!
Also Aaron Johnson and Talulah Riley were also in it
Check all the episodes out here
Let me know what you think!


fritha louise said...

Oh I LOVED Nearly Famous. So sad it was only on for one series! Thank you for the youtube link, definitely watching the whole thing again now!

young-shields said...

She was in that film Anita and Me too, haha. She's so great. x

Charlotte said...

You're right, she has a really fresh look. Your blog is cool - I love the images you select - inspiring.

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail

couture whore said...

definitely a young kate moss, she's amazing, and so's your blog. following beacause im addicted.

rebecca said...

she is so cool! i love her style! x

Bea said...

she´s really cute!


That's where I recognise her from...Anita & Me. I loved that film, and she is very fresh-faced Kate Moss!