Glamour's Gone MIA

I love looking through old editorials from the 50's/60's i just think they are so inspiring and mostly beautifully shot too.
I came across this editorial from Numero Magazine April 2010 issue
I think it captures the feeling of these old editorials great and i love the styling especially the hairstyles
It just makes you remember how chic these ladies were from back in the day doesn't it?
I just think how elegant all these women were and it was fashionable to be so too.
But it just looks so different to what fashion is like now, i sometimes think fashion in some circumstances has lost its glamour. 
I mean there are still the exceptions, Chanel for example, has always and hopefully will always be the epitome of class and Mr Lagerfeld has keep that whole Coco Chanel feel to the brand and the shows he puts on (I've never actually been, but i imagine) must feel like an event, like your watching something special take place in front of your eyes.
  I think the biggest thing is glamour has lost its meaning, Years ago glamour was what these models are trying to re-create in these pictures, simple, elegant but most of all and most importantly in my opinion classy. 
Whereas now a days, what is glamour? 
WAGs, fake tan, fake nails, hair extensions, buying Lot's and lots of designer handbags just because you can. 
All these things are not in my opinion what glamour really is but unfortunately somehow our view got twisted and these people/things were shown as example of being 'classy'. 
And because of that it has become 'fashionable' to copy these trends and how Glamour has got so far removed from it's true meaning.
 I think another thing these women from the 50's had going for them was the fact that they were demur, subtle even and wouldn't dare do or say some of the things in the media that a lot of celebrities do today. 
 I think it's like a package, being glamorous is more than just looking chic and presentable at all time its about an attitude, the way you carry your self and the things you do. 
That to me is what i would love to see more of in the fashion industry, for it not to be so immersed in celebrity culture and be more about these chic stylish women that there is still hundreds and thousands of all over the world but they don't all get given their place because it's currently not seen as 'fashionable' to be that type of 'Glamourous' but it's like what everyone says, fashion goes full circle then comes all the way back to the beginning again.  So hopefully sometime not to far in the future fashion will be full of individual, stylish and glamorous people!

Let me know what you think, do you think the fashion industry has lost some of it's glamour from the past
Do you think that it is possible for the fashion industry to not buy into the celebrity culture as much and start more of it's own trends?
Do you want to see more Glamorous times back?
I would love to hear from you all!
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jessica said...

classic glamour = classy, in my opinion.
i've never been ultra fond of the glamorpus old hollywood look, but i do enjoy it when it pops up every now and then. and it's especially appreciated now, when glamour is practically vanished.

Devon said...

Beautiful x

The Greedy Seagull said...

I love your blog too! I agree, the fashion industry has lost a lot of glamour- but this editorial brings it back with a vengeance! Glad you found me, I have a new read now =)

h a u t e . m e s s said...

Lovely ladies. Vintage, classic glam is the best glam that there is and ever has been.

elizabethandcatherine said...

love love love this editorial!!!
Beautiful. very Audrey hepburn.
Love it. :)
Liz x

Dee said...

Well I definitely enjoy looking at old editorials (or modern spins on old editorials) and I can see what you mean. I think something has gotten lost along the way with all the airbrushing especially, but that's a whole other beast :)

Alex Dom said...

lovely photos!

thingsIlove said...

So beautiful and chic!

Emilie said...

Beautiful photos!
So glamorous!
I really think that the fashion industry has lost some of its glamour....

Sjaar said...

Those shots are gorgeous makes me who live back in the days.


I love these, especially the shot with the balloons. So happy to discover another Scottish-based blog (although I'm cheating because I'm hardly ever in Scotland anymore!)

Lindsay With An "A" said...

Lovely pics!!! :)

Teresa said...

These retro photos are gorgeous! Sometimes I wish I was born in that era just to check out the fashion and hair!