“Don’t try to be different. Just be good. To be good is different enough.”

Pictures from Various Tumblrs, google, Nylon, Terry's Diary, Clothes from Ruby's Lookbook, Let me know if i haven't credited you and i will!

I had such a great Birthday
Thank you for all your Birthday Wishes
I will do a post soon with all my lovely presents!
I thought i would do an inspiration post to make up for my blogging absence

-I watched (500) Days of Summer hence the song and the picture of the beautiful Joseph Gordon-Levitt
-I Looove this song and think Ellie's cover is just stunning, check out the rest of her music if you haven't already!
-I want everything Zippora has got on in those picture from the line Ruby, super pretty!
-Need Jen's Book
-And i basically want to be the girl in the fourth picture down, have you ever seen such coolness!
Be Inspired!


Nubiasnonsense said...

Happy belated b day! These images are so inspiring.. I would love to have those polka dot pants

fritha louise said...

Such inspiring pictures! I want to be the girl in the shearling jacket!

Photo said...


fhen said...

This is a very nice post
Happy belated birthday

have a great weekend!
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be a darling said...

Thanks for sharing, great pictures. And love the song she does it well! Also, think Daisy in your further post is amazing too!

Meggstatus said...

I want all of the clothing in the middle looks, they are all such great pieces! And I really like the interviews you do, keep them coming.

jessica said...

jen brill & zippora sevennnnn ♥
fuck i love them.

& im glad you had a great birthday !!

discothequechic said...

gasp, pink overalls, jen brill and joseph gordon levitt=perfection.

just read the bio on your blog profile by the way and loved it do much, especially the bit about the john hughes soundtrack!