I came across this whilst looking through the new online magazine Rebel
I thought it was a really cute idea!
It is from a company called Love and Patience
It's kinda just a twist on the whole friendship bracelet thing
You can get either a male or a female version of these tags
and they can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet
They come in the cutest packaging too
These ones are to tell someone they are "Priceless" to you and it says on the website that more options will be on sale soon
I think the design looks really pretty just the plain silver tag with the string
I think sometimes these things can be a little cheesy but i actually think this one seems really cute and quirky
And it looks like a great thing to get someone for a birthday gift or just as a little token of your love!
Check out the sweet website here that has some nice little stories on it of why people have bought these and who they are for in a kind of post secret - style!


Claire said...

i think these look weirdly rather beautiful. you've also reminded me that i need to invest in a new anklet for summer! x

rebecca said...

they are actually really pretty but still very simple. i really like them! definitely need to check them out x

Esther said...

Sweet and unassuming.

Funny - It actually reminds me a lot of the necklace Michelle Kwan used to wear when she was skating (because she always wore it) which was some sort of good luck charm for her. (I have no idea why I remember her necklace so clearly though I was minorly obsessed with her when she/I were younger.)