Oh my god, you look just like Shakira, No no, you’re Catherine Zeta ,Actually, my name’s Marina

This is Marina And The Diamonds
AKA Marina Lambrini Diamandis
She is a welsh/Greek singer
I meant to do a post about her a little while ago but never got round to it
I love Marina's style
It's kind of refreshing to see a female singer do something different and not try to be the next Lady GaGa
(Ke$ha, yes i do mean you)
She has a fun natural way of dressing
And it seems that every time i see a picture of her i have serious outfit envy!
I think she is definitely going to be more visible in the fashion magazines soon enough
I love her song Hollywood which has possibly the best lyric of any song ever
*see title for Random/amazing lyric*
I also want just about everything she is wearing in the American themed video
I love the way that in the video she is wearing a proper cheerleaders outfit as normal clothing
Totally going to try and start a trend with that one!
Here is the video to enjoy below
Let me know what you think and if Marina is your new Fashion Girl too!
Oh and hope you all have a Happy Easter and a super fun weekend!


WendyB said...

I like fringed jackets!

mo said...

happy easter from australia!

ahhh another aussie! yay!

im really loving your blog - ive just started blogging again after a long break so i was wondering if you would like to have a look at my blog LIKE A FOX (an aussie girl's fashion view) and possibly exchange links?


thanks! xo.

ps - i love the glee rolling stones cover too. shh.

gih said...

oh yah! happy easter guys.