Nails Inc. and Chanel

I don't know about you but I am a self confessed beauty junkie
Give me face creams, make up, face masks, hair products
and i am in my element
But more than anything though i love nail polish
I always have done
Maybe its the fact that its so simple and quick to do but i love having my nails painted nice
For me it always finishes off an outfit!
I am not a fan of bare naked nails at all!
The other day whilst looking for a certain colour to paint my nails
I realised just how much nail polish i have
I normally just stick to my two favourite brands
Nails Inc, who i just love, they do just about every colour their is and the polish stays on for ages without chipping and it's really glossy too
The other brand i love is Chanel, again such pretty colours and really long lasting too
and i love the packaging of the bottles!
So, i thought i would do a little post to show you just how much nail polish i have!
When i got them all out to take the pictures i couldn't believe how many there were
And when i put them all in colour order i realised i must have nearly every colour Nails Inc does, hehe!
So what is your beauty addiction?
Mascara, moisturiser or could you rival me with your love of nail polish
Let me know?
Oh and i have a super super exciting interview coming up on my blog in the next few days
that i think you will love
It is with someone i think you will all know!
p.s Sorry about the crazy sizing of these pictures, some big, some small. They all started out the same but then randomly decided to go weird!


Got It From My Mama said...

Oh! my goodness how green am I and I mean with envy. I love all of your nail polishes. Nails inc are my fav but I also like chanel.

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

That is an impressive collection!
Lucky lady.

that.screams.jillian said...

such pretty colors<3

miss_vogue said...

i need to paint my nails, im so jealous!

Anonymous said...

wowwww you have an amazing collection here. love love

mo said...

wow, you actually rival my nailpolish collection - and that's not easy!

thanks by stopping by my blog, visit me again soon! xo.

LIKE A FOX (an aussie girl's fashion view)

mo said...

oh, ive added you to my blogroll by the way!

fritha louise said...

Wow, nail polish junkie! That's an impressive collection!! I seem to hoard mascaras, but I've just had a big clear out of all the old ones which are dried up or clumpy, so I need to start collecting again!

Jessica said...

wait a minute, do you own all of those ! holy *** why aren' we neighbors !!?

Anonymous said...

I'm a complete beauty addict too - it's so much fun to buy, and really does complete any look. Love Chanel, OPI and Essie

Miss B xx