The Maxi

Wearing- Dress from ASOS, Cardigan hand knitted by my mama, Boots Minnetonka, Sunglasses from Ray Ban, Scarf from a market in Italy
This is my new dress i got from ASOS
I had been looking for a maxi dress like this for ages
I just thought this looked like the perfect slouchy loose-fitting summers day dress
And thankfully i liked it even better when i got it delivered
It is lovely jersey material
It feels really like the cotton American Apparel use actually, really comfortable
I feel like I'm breaking every so called 'Fashion Rule' as I'm only small (about 5'3) and this dress is super long
But i just think all rules should go out the window when you really like something, right?
I am now on the look out for the perfect night time maxi dress!
Oh and are you all signed up for the Outnet sale tomorrow
I'm super excited about it
I have a feeling its going to start really earlier as well
So i want to get in their quick to get some good goodies!
If i manage to snap up a bargain I'll post about it tomorrow! 


amber jene' said...

I love maxi dresses, they're always cute, comfortable and relaxing!
I love ASO's as well, I most of my shopping on their site.

You look adorable!

Claire said...

I'm 5"3 too and I think maxi dresses actually really suit our height... If you belt it a little higher up and hem it, it really elongates legs etc. I think you look great in yours. x

Devon said...

Very lovely outfit! x

proletkult said...

wow, the dress is really cute!

rebecca said...

i love that dress and that scarf is just stunning. really cool outfit and the materical sounds gorgeous. i have a few aa skirts and i just love how comfy they are. the great thing about that dress is its an outfit in itself. you just stick on a pair of shoes and your done although obviously its more fun to wear it with accessories like you did here.
ive also been looking for a good maxi dress. i used to actually have one a few years ago (when i was a bit shorter) but i dont really like the dress anymore.
anyway id love to buy the maxi dress from asos but at the moment im trying to save my money for the summer. very annoying! x

Dark Blue said...

I agree. Fashion "rules" should be thrown out the window when you find something this cute! Funnily enough, I think the high waist actually makes you look taller.

Good luck with the bargain hunting.

Eri said...

Hi there,

Just came across your blog and really enjoyed it!

Please have a look at mine too.

Hope to see you soon.


She's Dressing Up said...

Such a perfect maxi!