Letterman Jackets

 Jacketshop - £149
 Criminal Damage - £64.99

All Nike Price TBC

I don't know if it's because i don't live in America and because i have always felt that over here we don't
 really have all the traditions that Americans have at school like prom, cheerleaders etc.
But i have always had a fascination with the 'all american' type clothes
Anything with stars and stripes and I'm there!
I already have a Yale and Harvard tee that i try and channel my best version of Rory Gilmore when i wear them!
But what i have always wanted and to help complete my fake American high school and collage experience is a Letterman jacket (I think that's what they are called?)
I just picture them with the cutest little vintage tea dresses and some converse/brogues or some 'mom' skinny jeans a la the picture above!
But the quest for one of these jackets is proving harder than i thought
They are all kind of super expensive
I am in love with the new Nike ones but at like £250 i don't think i will be getting one anytime soon!
Let me know if you know of anywhere that i can get one that ships to the UK that won't bankrupt me!
Do any of you have this similar fascination with these 'all american' clothes?


Papillon Vintage said...

I do love the letterman jackets! I have been stalking a few vintage ones on ebay.

Claire said...

ah, we're on the same brainwave! I have a couple on ebay i'm stalking but they're approaching £50+ already... They're so lovely though! x

kirstyb said...

i secretly want one but i dont think i could pull it off! hmph xxxx

Pia said...

in my high school, the only people who wore them were athletes, and basically the american football players. i did think it was cute when their girlfriends did wear them on occasion :) however they are real expensive! try ebay!!

Lucyyy. said...

I love them and have been after one too! Try ebay and amazon, searing letterman jackets but also varisty jackets gets some good ones! love love love the blog xx

Atif said...

Very awesome collection of picture and i really like leather jackets.

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