Interview With Lauren Conrad

As those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know, I have been carrying out a series of interviews for this blog. I have been choosing people who i am intrigued and inspired by and who are someway connected to the fashion industry. I wanted to get a view from every angle about these people that shape and make the industry that we are all fascinated by. My aim was to choose people, some you may have heard of and some you may be unaware of, but i hope that through my questions you will gain an insight into their world and their views on fashion. For this interview I choose Lauren Conrad. I know a lot of blogs try and focus on 'The Next Big Thing' style wise and i don't think there is anything wrong with that but what i don't like is being told if i don't like so and so's style then I'm unfashionable or un-cool, I don't believe just because something or someone is popular that that makes them instantly un-cool and that you automatically can't like them because it means you follow the pact. That is why i choose Lauren to interview as she is more high profile in the media than anyone else i have featured in an interview, I wanted to show that it's ok to like someones style that print magazines write about and not just someone who those 'cool kids' know about. Sometimes i think that by trying too hard to stand out you end up fitting in more than ever, so i say stick to what you like, whether it genuinely be the wearing the craziest outfit or just admitting that in fact no matter how 'amazing' everyone thinks that band is you would still rather listen to Britney's greatest hits on repeat because honestly as cheesy as it sounds being yourself and liking who and what you like will never go out of 'Fashion'. I really like Laurens style and I really liked her on Laguna Beach and The Hills too, more so than anything else though because she always stayed true to who she was style wise and personality wise. I think it's great that Lauren is using the platform she had from doing these shows to do something she truly loves. I hope you enjoy the interview and find the inspiration from her words to do like her and follow your own dreams!
Enjoy reading and please do let me know what you think!

Lauren Conrad Interview

1. You have just launched your newest collection for your Kohl’s line, which I love; I wish we could buy it here in the UK! There are so many pretty wearable pieces; I love how they really reflect your own personal style. Was it important for you to have this collection be something that you yourself would want to wear too?

- I always like to design things I would wear. It helps to design what you know and I also feel my fans like to buy things that reflect me and my own personal style.

2. What made you team up with Kohl’s?

-Kohl's allowed me to have input and not just put my name on the label and let someone else do the work. That was so important to me. Also the price point allows many people to buy the clothes.

3. You started your own label a few years ago but have put that on hold just now. What was that experience like for you having your own label so early on in your career and having all that responsibility?

-It wasn’t easy and I am about to relaunch the line again. I guess I like to challenge myself. Succeed or fail I know that for me I always have to try.

4. Did you always want to be a designer or were you ever interested in working in different parts of the fashion industry?

-I always loved fashion. Even when I was a young girl. I would sew clothes for all my dolls.

5. Everyone knows you from being on Laguna Beach and The Hills but does it annoy or frustrate you sometimes when people comment that you have only achieved what you have done fashion wise because of where you got your start on TV, rather than realising that you are a talented designer in your own right?

-Well I owe a lot to MTV and it has allowed me many things so I am so grateful and never take it for granted. I think it helped me open doors but once that happened it was up to me to deliver and prove myself so I also think it put pressure on me to deliver.

6. You were still at school when you started to film Laguna Beach, when you made that decision to take part in it did you look at it as something that could possibly help you in the future with your career, or did you just think it was a cool way to spend your senior year of high school?

-They actually found me and my group of friends thought it would be fun. We had no clue it would end up being what it was and would have such a following.

7. After Laguna you started The Hills, I’m imagining there wasn’t that big a gap between filming the two?
Where you ever apprehensive when MTV pitched you the idea to have your own show, it must have felt like a massive deal?

-Yes I was apprehensive about more cameras following me but I did like the idea of a show around my life and from my point of view so people could really get to know me.

8. I have always been a fan of yours since the Laguna days and throughout The Hills period too. I always thought that these two shows would never have worked without you in them, it was like amongst people who seemed to make drama for themselves , you were the kind of moral backbone, you were always the one that me and my friends and family were rooting for in the show, you know, things would happen to you or you would be put in certain situations and I always thought you acted how most people would, you were relatable, not everyone has a lifestyle like yours but everyone at some point definitely goes through similar things to you and it was always great to see you handle things with a sense of dignity. For me and everyone else that was a TV show but for you that was real life, did you ever have moments of thinking, I don’t want these personal situations on TV anymore?

-Yes a lot, but that was what I signed up for so I can’t complain. It has been nice to have some time now without cameras.

9. Did you feel like you had lost a little bit of control of how your life was going, because I suppose at certain points MTV must have intervened in your life to make certain situations more dramatic?

-Not really, they let us do our thing. Trust me the drama was all real.

10. Was there a defining moment that made you make the decision to leave The Hills?
It must have been quite daunting and exciting at the same time, because such a massive part of your growing up is attached to these shows, and I imagine it must have felt kind of like graduating from them and that part of your life when you left?

-I think after so many years I just wanted to try and live life without cameras. I have nothing but great things to say about my time on the show. but when it is time, it is time.

11. Is it still hard for you when the whole Heidi situation is brought up, It is always horrible when friendships don’t work out for whatever reason, but at least you are normally able to stay away from that person and kind of let it all go but you always seemed to be put in situations on the hills where Heidi would just appear and you weren’t able to just put the whole thing in the past, did that bother you that both her and MTV didn’t just let it fade away?

-It is always hard when you lose friends. For any teen growing up these times can be so tough. I think everyone can relate to the experiences we all went through in the show.

12. What was working at Teen Vogue like, was it a good experience being part of the whole Vogue family?

-It was great. I think interning is an amazing way to learn the business and make contacts.

13. Who are your favourite designers right now, and do you have any tips on any up and coming designers that we should keep our eyes on?

-I love Phillip Lim, Peter Som, Nanette Lapore, Alice and Olivia. There are so many great designers out there all doing different things. There is a style for everyone.

14. You have such a great natural style, really chic but with a modern twist so that you always look contemporary and trend led but your outfits always keep that classic look. You have become a fully fledged style icon, do you choose all your own outfits or do you have a stylist to help?

-When I am doing TV appearances and on the run I do get the help of a stylist, more to organize me than anything. But for everyday I style myself. I love to shop and create new looks.

15. Who do you take style inspiration from, is there someone that you look at in magazines and think they get it right every time?

Not one person, perhaps more from everything around me. I get inspired by things in nature, pages in magazines, films, music etc.

16. Is there any fashion blogs that you look at to get inspiration from?

-I love PopSugar and Hollyscoop.

17. As well as your fashion career you are also a bestselling author of two books now. I am currently reading your first book and I’m really loving it and I can’t wait to read your second now. How did you find the process of writing the book, has writing always been something you have enjoyed?

-The first one wasn’t easy, it was a huge learning process with writes and rewrites etc…but the second and third were actually a lot of fun for me.

18. Your first book is going to be turned into a movie, which is really exciting. That must have felt like a big achievement. Do you have any control over the casting process and if so who would you like to see in the lead roles?

-I am a producer so I will have a say, I think I want someone new and fresh…an unknown.

19. You seem to have achieved so much already and your only 24. What’s next for you, do you have a 10 year life plan or are you just letting fate lead the way?

-I am just going to work hard and do what I love and let the pieces fall into place.

At This Moment In Time-

1. Favourite Song/Album Anything pop. Jonas Bros, Taylor Swift

2. Best piece of adviceWork hard and follow your dreams. Never give up

3. Favourite TV Show – The Family Guy


Claire said...

aww, i love her / this interview. well done! x

Phoebe said...

Wow, what a great oppertunity!

I agree with sticking to what you like, i hat people that instantly go off a band just because they're now in the charts, surely you should like them for their music not their status?

Congrats on the interview, i look forward to reading the rest :)

Damsels said...

do you mean to say you actually met her or interviewed her directly !? thats awesome .. i may not like her style but i like her

i think you are right about the cool kids .. everyone seems to go crazy over the same people ..its best to think outside the box

Adele said...

how great!x

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Oh I love LC!!! xoxo

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really cool interview!
you have an awesome blog
keep it going! its great source of inspiration
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Haute World said...

Fab interview! She was definitely my favorite on the shows. I like that despite other possibilites, she still worked hard by studying in FIDM/interning and didn't get sucked in to the whole Hollywood drama like some of the others.

rebecca said...

what a great interview! laguna beach was the first program that i really obsessed over and the hills was so addictive! i dont really like it now without lauren.. im so happy for her doing fashion coz shes so good at it and her everyday style is so cool x