House Of Harlow 1960

These little booties are from House Of Harlow 1960
I saw a picture of Nicole Richie out and about wearing a pair
And they just looked really cute with jeans and super comfortable
I love her shoe collection
I'm really impressed by the styles she has in it
Although that's not a surprise considering how much i love her style and her clothing range
These little beauties come in at a kinda crazy £199
If you have the cash to splash head on over to The-Stylestore to check them out!

Oh and you may have noticed i have recently put an ad on my blog at the side for Shop Pulse
It's such a great website that i personally love
You should definitely click on it at the side if you have a minute as it's really cool!
Don't worry though i would never clog up my blog with ad's for things that i don't personally love and think that you will all love too!


fritha louise said...

If I had £200 to spare I'd buy them in an instant! So cool!

As pretty as said...

Do they sponsor you in exchange for an ad on your blog :)?

Love the shoes! Very Pocahontas like.

"As pretty as"

Anonymous said...

Im in love with her Winter Kate collection and House of Harlow shoes, wish it wasnt so expensive though especially everyday flats

MOLLYKT said...


simplysteph said...

Kind of feel this is a bit of an ugg thing. Presumably they're comfortable, I mean you'd be paying for the functionality. But 200$ worth of functionality? really? fashion wise, it seems just a step ahead of wearing your slippers out in public.

just say'n, for the sake of a loving debate.

isabelle said...

Oh how cute!

RainCooper said...

I want.