'Frock Me'

The second series of 'Frock Me' is about to start on T4 soon
This series still has Alexa Chung, Henry Holland and Gemma Cairney  fronting it
But instead of them being in the studio at all times it seems that Alexa will be presenting from New York, Henry is based in Europe and Gemma is out and about in the UK
The show will be mixing up and coming fashion talent, well known designers and supermodels
I enjoyed the first series but i have a feeling because Alexa has such a higher profile this time round that this one will be even better and the content will probably feature a lot bigger names.
I'm really looking forward to it especially after seeing this sneak peek trailer for it where Alexa, Henry and Gemma re-create the famous D&G fragrance advert.

Here are some pictures i saw a little while ago and forgot to post just some really cool shots of Alexa and Alex
Doing their thing!

Oh and just to cap of this 'Alexa' themed post
I have to put this picture up
When i saw this bag i just fell in love with it all over again
I really liked the tan Mulberry one but i have to admit this leopard print version is just beautiful
And it looks like it would go with just about everything!
I have such serious bag envy just now!


Oh 'Frock Me'starts in the UK on T4 on Sunday April 25 at 1pm
And I'm sure you will be able to find it up on Youtube for the non UK'ers out their!


fritha louise said...

I didn't see the first series, but I'll definitely be trying to catch this one. I want a Mulberry Alexa sooo badly! I think most of this summer's wages may just end up being blown on one!

proletkult said...

wish i could watch it in germany... the internet is my last hope! ;-)

Anonymous said...

love your blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing, darling!


Jade said...

I love this bag, not sure I could pull of the leopard print as well as Alexa though! x