Fashion Girl-Jameela Jamil

This is Jameela Jamil a British Tv Presenter
I have been meaning to do a post on her for a while
As well as being super pretty I think Jameela has such great natural style!
Really quirky and fun too
I've noticed that she wears a lot of high street especially Topshop and Irregular choice shoes which i just love!
I think it's great that she obviously loves fashion but doesn't take it too seriously and isn't afraid to take risks with it
These are some of my favourite looks of her's
I don't know if it's just me but i definitely see a little bit of Jen Brill about her, no?
I think it's the red Lipstick!
Let me know what you think and if she is your fashion girl too.


Grace said...

She's a doll!

Love Grace.

bekster said...

i like her but sometimes she does the ceiling eyes adrina patridge look.

MOLLYKT said...

i love her too!

Eloise said...

I like her, she pulls off the colourful quirky look well and has some ace playsuits.
Cool blog btw :)

Lol at the girl above's "ceiling eyes" comment!

Emi Troy said...

she looks so cute! her style looks very playful, yet cool! great!

xx Emi

You look so beautiful! I love how you combined the feminine lace dress with the kinda rough leather jacket! Mix and match magic!

xx Emi

FILIPA said...

she knows what to wear, great style :D

beijo *

rebecca said...

i love her fashion sense and she is just stunning isnt she!!
i do love her sense of fashion. she knows how to have fun with clothes and doesnt take fashion too seriously.
her look is 'oh i just throw a few things together and look what an amazing coincidence they actually go and i look really cool!'
i think she can take the role of my new fashion idol and part time girl crush! x

original seed said...

ahh i did a post on her,you can just tell her style is going to keep getting better
great blog