Colour Blocking

Cardigan- Giles Deacon for New Look, Top- ASOS, Shoes- ASOS

These are my new shoes that i posted about a few weeks ago
I really love them they are the prettiest colour
and they have a great heel that isn't to high for day time and a hidden platform that makes them super comfy too!
These are the first pictures I've put up since i got my hair done the other week
I got it shorter and dyed
You can't really see too well in these pictures but it's kinda auburn/red
I really like it but it was hard to get used to it being shorter and such a different colour to what I'm used to
Also when i was at the hairdressers the ends of my hair were dyed bright pink by accident because i had  blond at the tips of my hair the dye didn't take to it as well
So that was a little drama, but thankfully they just put more dye on the ends of my hair and it's all the same colour now!
I'm super glad i got it done though, i love little mini hair makeovers!
This was the first time I've really worn this top,
 again you can't really see in the pictures but it's nice and draped but its still too cold to wear on it's own so i wore a top underneath and a chunky knit on top!


inked said...

love the title of your blog. it make me laugh. love love love your shoes. yummy!

proletkult said...

yeah, the colour's really cute!

Anonymous said...

i love those shoooooes! how awesome is asos?

xx come visit!

Dark Blue said...

Damn those shoes are killer. You have a sort of fruity melon theme going on with those two tones, I like it!

Tania said...

I love the shirt. And the shoes. And the whole outfit. It would only work on you I think, I love it!


Lauren Goddard said...

Ahh those shoes are PERRRRFECT!

x x x

Damsels said...

they are gorgeous ! i have ones like these but in blue ... they add a pop of color to everything .. i love the color combination in your look as well

Jessica said...

goossshh that coral shirt is sooo pretty !

anna.and.elk said...

love the coral and aqua together x

elizabethandcatherine said...

beautiful outfit, I am now shopping on ASOS to find a top like this!!
Liz xxx

selinaoolala said...

love the colour of the top with the shoes! and also looove your hair! it reminds me of cheryl cole's new hair (i hope you like her and that's not a bad compliment!) as it has all the volume of her old hair but it's cooler and fresher now it's a bit shorter. you look lovely!