"Rule number one is, don’t sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is, it’s all small stuff."Robert Eliot

I'm wearing- Jumper -hand knitted by my mama, Leggings- Zara, T-shirt, can't remember where i got it, H&M maybe?, Converse, Scarf-Italy

Well, it's finally started to get a little bit sunnier where i live but it is still freezing
So i had to wear another snugly chunky knit to keep myself warm.
Again it's knitted by my mama!
I love this scarf, it's got a really nice floral vintage pattern on it
I think i must be the only person who goes on their summer holiday and comes back with a suitcase full of winter scarfs!
I don't know what it is about Italy but they seem to sell the best scarfs there and everytime i go i can't help buying just about one in every colour!
Oh and i wanted to ask does anyone know what Formspring is?
I'm a little confused by it but i know a lot of bloggers have one
So i wondered if i should make one too?
Any suggestions?
And just to let everyone know that the Style Compare competition is now closed
I will be contacting the winning entries soon!


Walk The Sand said...

I'm loving your look here. That jumper looks perfectly chunky, and you can never go wrong with Converse!

Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

I really like your outfit today it is relaxed and laid-back but nevertheless really chic.

From Dolly

Clara said...

love your scarf

Raez said...

haha so pretty! i wish my mom knew how to knit! pretty eyeshadow too:)

xx raez

Haute World said...

Great outfit - love that chunky knit and the scarf! And fab eyeshadow! I've heard of Formspring but havne't decided whether I need it or not. Most people who ask me questions, just tend to send an email or post a comment (which can be done anonymously as well).

Nicole Jarecz said...

that is a beautiful scarf!

Anonymous said...

love the chunky sweater!

rebecca said...

really cute and comfy outfit. i would and more or less do wear that outfit! x

MOLLYKT said...

and i love a good pair of converse :)
formspring is an anonymous interview type thing, where people ask you questions. it's fun, but it can get pretty bitchy if you don't moderate comments!

Anonymous said...

your eye make up is so lovely dear.x