Lauren Conrad For Kohl's

I have have been such a fan of Lauren since the Laguna Beach days
But i think recently she has really came into her own style wise
All those days stuck in that Teen Vogue closet must have paid off
I think she has got a really natural look but she manages to still look young and chic at the same time which is never an easy thing to do!
I was really pleasantly surprised when i seen her new Kohl's collection
Unfortunately we don't have a Kohl's in the UK
But if we did i would definitely be buying the top in the fourth picture down
I think its super pretty
But i think the whole collection is really well rounded and and is a true reflection of Laurens style!
What do you guys think
Do you like the collection
And are you a fan of LC?


Shannon said...

I love LC and I can't wait to buy some of her Kohl's pieces. xx

JanuskieZ said...

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gih said...

I adore her! She have a beautiful legs. She's so wonderful for me.

denparser said...

wow! nice pose she got. she's gorgeous indeed.

bekster said...

I think she's kind of boring. but I totally agree that a lot of these pieces are so great (considering she had a little help designing them...)

If I think without a bias I actually really enjoy most of them, especially the last one, the 3rd and fourth pieces :)

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