Jewellery For The Unruly

I have just discovered 'the' cutest jewellery brand
It's called Me & Zena
It sells beautiful little pieces of loveliness
I saw this ring and instantly fell in love with it
it's just awesome
and exactly what I've been looking for
You should definitely check out the site especially if you like quirky accessories
Let me know what you think
Thanks to all my new followers too
I will get round to commenting back to everyone soon!
Click here for the website
And here for their twitter


The Owl's Closet said...

wow, what a cute ring! thx for sharing about this site:) will have to check it out!

Got It From My Mama said...

This ring is so cute I am thinking of buying it for my daughter's birthday I think she woud love it. Great post!

jessica danielle. said...

It's lovely, that ring is to die for!
Great blog btw :)


gih said...

How lovely is that ring! Perfectly made.

rebecca said...

wow i love this ring! its so clever and so cool! i definitely need to check out the website! x

Damsels said...

i prefer quirky ... though i dont really do accessories.. img onna check it out

Claire said...

tis cute (:

chloet said...

thankyou for finding me my new obsession!

cute and quirky