Grazia Hearts Heathrow

This is a fashion spread from this weeks Grazia magazine
This was the first time ever that any magazine has used the new(ish)
Terminal 5 building at Heathrow Airport.
And to celebrate that fact there is a little video to go along with the shoot
Now anyone who reads this blog knows how much i love a little "Behind the scenes" footage
I love getting to see that bit more
Getting that insight into how the hair and make-up were done and seeing it all come together
I think that's why i love the extras on DVDs so much I have always just found it so interesting getting a sneak peak at the things that go into making the bigger picture, you know?
It's weird sometimes i actually enjoy seeing the backstage catwalk pictures of all the hustle and bustle more than the actual pictures on the runway, i always think that those pictures capture the atmosphere more!
Anyway, I really like this editorial
I don't know if its because of the kinda Top Gun feel of the airport or the structured clothing but i get a strong 80's feel from it.
I think the lighting is really beautiful because of all the glass in the airport
I love when magazines do something a bit different with their editorials
And i think using the airport as a backdrop is great
I would be interested to see if any other magazines follow Grazia's lead and use the Terminal in their editorials
What do you think?
Are you a fan of using unusual settings for fashion spreads? 
Oh and i've given the blog a little mini makeover, just changed the colours and header etc.
Let me know what you think?


elizabethandcatherine said...

This editorial is beautiful!!! I love it. I completely agree with everything you have to say, I too enjoy the photographs from backstage of models rather than the actual catwalk haha funny that! Definetely catches the atmosphere more, whether the models are striking a pose or being silly- it's way more fun to look at than the robots walking the runway. Love this post. Liz, XO.