"These are hard times for dreamers"

I know most of you will probably already have seen these pictures but i couldn't help posting them!
They are just super pretty
It's the Alexander Wang T spring 2010 collection
I think these images represent the collection so well
The styling is just so perfect too
I love all the cuts of his stuff
They look like you could just layer them all on Mary-Kate style and it would all look perfect!
The black dress and the white T's are my fave pieces!
What do you think
Are you a fan of Alexanders T collection?
P.S has the model not just got the best smoky eye make up ever?


Claire said...

i dont want to think about the price. it depresses me... but i want that cropped hoodie so badly! <3 C

proletkult said...

if you want to talk about about the make-up: love it! smokey eyes look so sexy with "no" eyebrows! ;-)
and the whole editorial is great of course!

rebecca said...

the smokey eye is just perfect and i love all the clothes so simple yet sexy x

Haute World said...

Great styling and all his pieces look like fantastic basics. I think my only issue with spending that kind of money on this stuff would be that they don't look as expensive as they are and you could probably easily find something similar on the high street. My guess is that his pieces are of better quality thugh.

Anonymous said...