All images from Saga

I found this photographers blog and flickr and I've instantly fell in love with all her work

She seems super talented

You should definitely check out some of her stuff

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multiple colors said...

amazing images! love them all!

Beau said...

I love the grunge-y eye make up, and the fact your blog looks like polaroids stuck on a white wall (or some such)- at least in my mind!


Winnie said...

I love the make up too...and that lace top!

ediot said...

thanks for sharing. i love the last snap, i hope you had an great weekend! thanks for visiting me!
im thinking about reprinting the print. and posting to my shop soon. as i love the print myself. so stay updated on my blog if youre interested. take care
xx ediot

AttemptingStyle said...

ooh yes, very cool.

Romany said...

Wow, lots of eye makeup. Love these pictures, but that overload on eye makeup is scaring me a little. I love that leopard print is coming back, so retro glamorous.

rebecca said...

love this shoot. that eye make up is so cool! x

Anonymous said...

this make up is sick! and i really love the shoot- love the innocent/naughty contrast!!!

come visit!

Sara said...

I like very much your blog, the pictures are great ^^
See you :)