Otis & Maclain

Sorry for the teeny tiny pictures!
They were too blurry when i tried to enlarge them!
This is the new collection from LA designers Otis & Maclain
I love the whole laid back feel of the collection
And the way that they have taken basics but made them luxurious looking!
This collection looks like the perfect summer wardrobe
I am more than in love with all the pieces but i especially love the black dress at the bottom it just looks beautiful
Sadly though it doesn't look like you can buy it anywhere other than the USA
So i will have to keep waiting till the collection finds a home in the UK
to buy it!
Check out the website here


katrina said...

woah, great collection!

Sally said...

like the white t and that shade of blue x

rebecca said...

i love comfy basics! i want the whole collection! x

Lilee▲ said...

those are cute pieces~ love it!

Otis and Maclain said...

Thanks for the post!! We are going to be in Israel soon, so next stop the UK:)