“ Once I was told, ‘You can’t always have great. Every now & then you’re going to have to settle for good enough.’
That’s not true. When you can’t have great, it means you’re not supposed to have great. It means that you’re supposed to have something better than just great. It means you’re supposed to have something amazing.
Or maybe, if you’re lucky, something extraordinary." Unknown

May 2007
Ashley Olsen
Dreamy, mystical, fuzzy, perfect
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proletkult said...

lovely quote :-)

Tanja said...

The second picture reminds me of a shoot of Kate Moss, I like it :)


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Ashley looks breathtaking in these gorgeous photos...wow.
And I love that quote!

Wrecked Stellar said...

I love her look in the next to last photo- that big bow in the back is uber fun!! Hope you can make it to my slumber party!! xo, Mel

dotie said...

I can't believe this is ashley..she looks ultimately beautiful here <3

eclectic du jour

rebecca said...

what an amazing quote and i love the editorial! ashley looks amazing and i love the whole backdrop for it. really beautiful x

I'm Heraid said...

I've never seen this! This is beautifulll :]


ediot said...

beautiful photos. thanks for sharing