Interview With Carrie Cooper

A little while ago I posted about my love for a new footwear line called Beau Coops. Carrie Cooper is the genius behind the shoes and she kindly agreed to let me interview her for this blog. Carrie has worked with so many fabulous talented designers that clearly their skills have rubbed off on her, In my opinion she is the most exciting new footwear designer i have seen in a long time and i can't wait to see her future collections!
I hope you are inspired by her talent and her courage to start out on her own and to really make the shoes that she wants rather than what might be seen as acceptable right now, because i know i was!
Let me know what you think of the interview
And if you haven't already checked out her beautiful shoes then head over here to do so!
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Interview With Carrie Cooper

Images from Beau Coops footwear

1. How did you first get started in shoe design, did you have any training?

I was trained the on the job, almost an old style apprentice way by a master shoe maker, who was working with / for some design hero’s of mine. One of those ‘how did that happen?’ lucky little me.

2. You've worked with some amazing designers in the past like Eley Kishimoto and Alexander McQueen, that must have been so inspiring for you being around these creative minds, I imagine it would be inevitable that you would learn a lot from them, do you think working for such well known successful people at such an early stage in your career has shaped you as a designer and a person?

For sure, if anything it taught me that when it comes to creativity, or being a designer, there is no set hard and fast rule, and beauty or ‘talent’ is in your eye, no-one else's. The courage and un-deterred determination is something I was star struck by, and aspire to take from the years with them.

3. I am the biggest fan of your new footwear collection "Beau Coops" it's the best all round collection i have seen in a really long time. I love that every piece is exciting and fresh but at the same time i feel like the collection references the past, in the sense that the shoes/boots are very classic but with a new modern take, was that your aim to combine old and new and what was the inspiration behind these designs?

Thank you. I think I will always reference the old world (1800-1920’s) in my work. Its an aesthetic that I cannot shake. But I do just love visual simplicity and proportions. The concept of working with small idea’s and making a soft statement.

4. I imagine that it must have been really different designing your own footwear line instead of working for these large companies that you were involved with. Is it quite daunting knowing that it's just you without a designer to hide behind or do you find it quite liberating having all the creative control?

Yes, your much harder on yourself, torturous almost, but who isn’t about something they love... in life....but BC is more about, less is more, stripping idea’s back. I guess in a subconscious way I am plugging the gaps of all of the really fun over articulated / crazy femme fatal or ‘IT’ shoe work I do.

5. Would you ever consider doing a collaboration with a high street store like what Jimmy Choo has just done with H&M, when I first saw your Beau Coops collection I instantly thought that i could see them doing really well in somewhere like Urban Outfitters, your designs have that hip edge to them that would suit there i think?

Never say never, but we are still in primary school really.. Taking our lunch to the playground and swapping sandwiches for crisps...

6. What was it like growing up in New Zealand, do you think that has influenced the way you design?

New Zealand is a wonderful little bubble of harmony / peace and busting with overachieving creatives, thinking they are not good enough for the rest of the world... So its hard to say, perhaps my drive came from the feeling of such isolation.. but after 8 years in London, I feel like that has really influenced my aesthetic. Honestly... My designs mostly comes from airport departure lounges, the only time I have quiet time with me, myself and my music.....

7. You live in Australia now, there seems to be a sudden surge in new fashion talent coming from there with people like yourself, Ksubi and and many others. I know you've lived in London, which is renowned for being a creative hub, do you feel that Australia is having it's 'fashion moment' so to speak, that London has experienced in the past?

For sure its having a fashion moment.. Watch this space!

8. Have you got any plans to extend into accessories or clothing?

Accessories for sure, one day, somehow. Clothing, I don’t think I have the courage to tackle that beast!

9. And finally, what are the plans for the future, where do you see yourself and Beau Coops in 5 years down the line?

On a yacht... With any luck my shoes will get me there.


1. Favourite Album/Song?........ Song: Daniel / Bat for lashes
2. Best advice?........ Head in the clouds, feet in the sand
3. Worst fear? ......... Small penis’s
4. Favourite Quote? ......... “A taste for the miniature was one aspect of an orderly spirit. Another was a passion for secrets.” ... Ian Mc Ewan
5. Favourite Blog? .........


Mont Charles et Moi said...

really interesting:-)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Fantastic interview. Her shoes are fabulous, so I have no doubt she will get that yacht one day! ;)

fritha louise said...

really good interview! I'll make sure to check out the line!

Alyssa said...

How amazing that she worked with McQueen. Forever an honor.

rebecca said...

thanks for doing this interview. its so interesting to see what a designer you love has to say x

Mary Jane said...

thanks for introducing us to this talented new shoe designer!!! she really has a lot of talent!!!