"I was just fronting"

Talula Spring/Summer 10

  • Beautiful pictures
  • Even more beautiful clothes
  • Rachel Ballinger - One of my favourite model
  • = Best Lookbook of the year so far for me!


Anonymous said...

so beautiful...i love all the shoes!!


rebecca said...

wow i want that vest top and that gorgeous jumper. im checking out the collection now x

raita 2 said...

these are absolutely amazing! her hair is stunning! and i want all those clothes so bad!


Haute World said...

Gorgeous lookbook! I love the images with the candles and the one where she's sitting on the old fashioned pharmacy chest. Digging the sude shoes!

dotie said...

awesome lookbook <3<3<3
she looks gorgeous and the clothes are so wearable :)

eclectic du jour

divine bunny said...

how did you get these!!! i cant find them anywhere.

i just posted about it too but i have a few other images.

good bloggers think a like

Betsy said...

these are absolutely amazing!

the park said...

Oh wow! You said it, these are absolutely beautiful.

- s & a


heart charlie said...

Love these photos, that black short romper and the sweater are my favorite!! Great post ;)

Danielle Barbe said...

wow! fantastic lookbook. love love love. i especially like the flower garland headpiece... i wish i could pull one of those off!

and also - my singles and the album will be available worldwide! i'm psyched that everyone will be able to download it.


CHICMUSE said...