Just How I Roll

Cardigan- hand knitted by my mama! Tee-ASOS Jeans-ASOS
Scarf-American Apparel

So It has started snowing here again, which calls for wrapping up warm when you go out
Which as you can see is what i did!
This is my favourite ever cardigan/jacket/jumper hand knitted for me by my mum
It is super warm and snugly
And ridiculously over sized on me which i love
If you want you can go have a look at my mums Etsy shop here and put in a request for one like mine, if you like it too!
For some reason it being snowy and wintry again made me want to have smoky eye make up
Random i know!
I love playing around with make up but I'd never tried such a smoky eye on me before
But i am quite pleased with it
I mean i think it is only borderline badger eye/ Taylor Momsen on a bad day,HeHe!


katrina said...

these leggings are perfect!
cool eye-make up!

Mary Jane said...

ehem, hmm could your mama knit one of those cardigans for me too? it just looks sooowarm and snugly!! i agree its nice that its oversized!!! and the way you combined it with the floral print tights is just awesome!! i really heart that cardi!!

[ Nanx ] said...

you look so pretty in this, the cardigan the floral jeans just perfect. Lovely blog btw


Claire said...

your mother is a legend. <3 C

M. said...

love your outfit, those leggings are so cute!

lovelove, M.

proletkult said...

the floral jeans looks very cute with the cardigan!

Jess said...

Those jeans are hella rad and your hair is gorgeous!

M. and O. said...

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. i came across your blog today, saw these pictures and two thoughts came into my head.
firstly: I NEED THAT CARDIGAN. then i saw your mother made it. Rearrangment of thoughts: I NEED A CARDIGAN LIKE THAT!

and secondly: TWIN MOMENT!!!!
just thought I'd say. My hair is a little curlier and you have adorable dimples thta are much more prominent than mine but TWIN MOMENT all the same. And yes, such a moment is worthy of capital letters.

Not being vain at all when I say you're very pretty :)

Will be adding this blog to my Follow List.