The Barbie Lounge

Is this not the coolest thing!
Barbie just got super stylish!
Barbie has just launched a range of 12 characters, each wearing a covetable little black dress design.
Which can all be bought on the newly launched Barbie Lounge on
I don't know about you but when i was little Barbie definitely didn't have as cool clothes as these
And isn't her little accessories kit just hilarious
It has more belt bags and shoes than me nearly!
Super cute!
Head on over to ASOS now to purchase one for that Barbie lover in your life
£30 – Doll
£15 - Accessory Pack


Sheli said...

that's so cool!

Claire said...

better than stupid bratz dolls.

Anna-Lisa said...

I love Barbie! I never had Barbies as a child but I would go over to my friends' houses to play with them all the time. Good memories.

Milly. said...

Haha I absolutely LOVE this.
And your blog. Seriously, all your photos of yourself etc look so friendly and lovely !! :)


Got It From My Mama said...

I have 4 daughters who all just loved Barbie except one who kept cutting Barbies hair off all the time....argh! Loved your post

Patty Ann said...

i love love love barbie. im a huge collector

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Haute World said...

Very cool! I agree, when I had Barbies as a little girl, they didn't have such great accessories and clothes - I ended up making most of them myself! In fact, it looks like these Barbies have pieces most regular people would envy ;-)