Bang Bang Shoes

Shirt-Topman, T-shirt-ASOS, Jeans-Miss Sixty, Scarf-From an Italian Market, Flat silver ring-Robert Lee Morris, Ring With Green Stone-Italian Market, Shoes-Topshop

I bought this scarf a few years ago when i was on holiday in Italy, and i remember wearing it all the time when i got it but i kind of mis placed it and didn't remember about it again until i found it recently
I just love the vintage pattern on it and it's really versatile too
I was actually going to start wearing it as a headband too but when i tried it on i kind of looked like a st trinians gone wrong!
I don't know if i have mentioned it on my blog before but i am more than a bit of a nail varnish junkie
I have hundreds of different shades and different makes
and i always like to have my nails painted, i really hate having naked nails!
I thought this week i would give nail art a go
I used to do it a lot when i was younger
painting various designs and flags (i know, random!)
on my nails
I wanted to do a leopard print design but didn't have the right colours
So i done a pink and jade green version of leopard print
It is definitely not perfect looking but it's fun!
Oh and do you notice the second picture down is different to the rest
Well, i finally realised how to change the colours (make them brighter/darker) in the my pictures and i tried it out on this one!
It was fun, seriously i nearly had them all looking like pop art,hehe!


Miss Woody said...

love your hair !

mumbles said...

really nice outfit
and nails

ThatManJustYawned said...

your hair looks fab! is the colouring intentional or are those stylishly outgrown roots? ;)

MT Days & Nights said...

your lipstick and hair look great!!

Nubiasnonsense said...

red lips look great on you.. I love your nail and the scarf

MOLLYKT said...

and you're so pretty- love the scarf :)

AttemptingStyle said...

that scarf is beautiful! I really want to get a slightly wider one in the same sort of pattern and do some sort of turban thing... we'll see, i guess.

Anonymous said...

i love your nails!!

Sally said...

i am also a nail junkie, i hate bare, short nails and love to do patterns on them, especially neutrals with neon, currently wearing grey with a neon yellow stripe running down the middle! but your nails are something else, they have turned out really well x

Winnie said...

Omigoodness your nails are beautiful! So are you actually :) love your whole look!

Romany said...

That green ring is just divine.
This is a very cute outfit. Very Italian chic. :)

kirstyb said...

beautiful shoes and check out those NAILS!!! xxxx

F Blog said...

loving the scarf girl. and the nails are sweeeeeet too.

Marta Represa said...

Aww You look super cute! Your nails are so fun.

The Man from Amsterdam said...

love your scarf

Got It From My Mama said...

You look so beautiful your hair and nails are just so amazing great pics

Patty Ann said...

love love the nails!

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Raez said...

gorgeous! i love your red lips and funky nails.

xx raez

MoMa said...

God! I love your hair&nails! xxx :)