Topshop + Designers S/S 2010

Image Number 1-Jonathan Saunders+Topshop-In shops January 20, 2010
Image Number 2,3-Ann Sofie Back + Topshop-In shops January 6, 2010.
Images Number 4,5,6-Ashish + Topshop-In shops February 3, 2010
So, here are some previews of the new S/S 10 collections at Topshop
I am always such a fan of Topshops designer collaborations
I think that they always have a great range of talented designers
Whether they be well known of just out of fashion school
I always feel like when a designer does a collection with Topshop its just like a mini version of their main line but with a nod to Topshops history too
They always make the collection that bit younger and give it a twist
Whereas when other high street shops do collabs with designers i sometimes feel like they go for much bigger designers but don't really put as much thought into what the actual collection looks like
They think that the fact that the designer is so well known that the collection doesn't have to be as unique or innovative as the name will sell the clothes on it's own, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, I think these previews look really interesting
I am the biggest fan of Ashish's main line so I am always so interested to see what the Topshop collections look like
And for me Ashish doesn't disappoint
I think the use of the spikes/studs on the jersey is great
I love the way that he is taking elements of sports/casual wear and making it onto something luxurious but still appropriate for a high street shop
Also I think those wedges are just immense
I love them
it's going to be like the whole leopard print wedge from last season all over again!
Also I think Ann Sofie Back's collection looks great too
It's interesting to see how the ripped/shredded trend is moving on and evolving from last season
I am such a fan of Jonathan Saunders as well
And although there isn't much to go on yet
I love the basic chic feel to the few previewed pieces
I always love his maxi dresses he does for Topshop too
And it looks like this season will be no different as the black one looks fab
So what do you think of these new collections for Topshop?
Do you have a favourite?
And I'm interested to hear what your take is on designers and High street shops collaborating
Do you like them (and buy them)
Or do you think some of them are all hype and no substance?
Let me know!


Grace said...

I'm not too keen on the cut out pieces, they are just distinct for my taste. I'd rather spend my pretty pennies on pieces that I can stretch a little further. So to be honest, that little tied-up sweat shirt number rings my bell.

Also, the jacket with studs may grow on me.

Love Grace.

Sara said...

I'm really excited for the Ashish collection! Like you, I'm a big fan of their main line anyway and I agree, the basic feel means these will be wearable pieces.

litttledarling said...

i adore this heels!!!!! desafortunately i think that in spain i can't buy it.... love the blog! i'm following!


Isquisofrenia said...

and of course i love the spiked jacket and the sweater !!
all this pieces are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm really digging the gray sweats- love the twist on them with the front tie and even the rolled up sweats. It makes them look girly vs. casual. Hope you have a great week! xo, Mel