Rock 'n' Rose

All of these pieces are from the beautiful website Rock'n'Rose
I am in love with them all
Some of the pieces are original designs and some are vintage
I can not get over how pretty the headpieces are
This year i really wanted to get some different kind of headband and I think these are exactly what i'm looking for
And the prices are between £15-£30 for them
Which isn't too expensive either
The rope one is just perfect looking for me and the Green one with the feathers is amazing too!
As well as having all the the head wear
Rock'n'Rose also has jewellery
I adore the necklaces
and I think the Alice in wonderland pendants look adorable
Let me know what yous like?
check out the site here
p.s They ship worldwide too!


ediot said...

thanks for sharing! and for stopping by me! i adore the second last thingy- is it a headband? looks so cute.
take care
xx ediot

Studded Hearts said...

thanks for the kind comment :)
i'd love to exchange links with you.
just put your link up now.