The re-Invention Of River Island

These are some of my favourite looks from River Island S/S 2010 lookbook
I have to confess bar a few purchases from the store when i was a lot younger
I've never really been an avid follower of River Island
Over the past few seasons though I've been noticing a lot of changes within the store
First off is the collaborations with the fashion graduates which i have loved and I think its great that they have kinda let the students have free reign and really make some directional pieces that you wouldn't normally find in a high street store.
Also River Island own collections have been changing i think too
Instead of the more glitter/studs/chains variety of garments you used to find a few years ago in it
I think they are actually producing very trend led pieces
Maybe it's the influences of working with all these new talents straight out of design school but I really feel like River Island is evolving
And it has just proved my point with this new collection
I really like the feminine feel of the clothes
But still keeping the whole grunge feel to the pieces whether it be the styling or the garments themselves
The jumper in the third picture down is one of my must have pieces for the summer
I can't wait to get my hands on it
The boots in the first image are like the exact ones I've been wanting too
And the fourth picture down looks like a street style snap from Glastonbury
with the boho chic thing going on!
So my advice is if you have been turned off River Island in the past
Give it another go as you might be surprised at the gems you might find
Let me know what you think of the collection
And check out the site here


Nina said...

I have to check this brand right away ... it's giving me so many inspirations!

kpeach said...

is this sold in the US? Love, love these pieces xo

iheartvintagex said...

I've also noticed they have changed alot over the years, they've become less chavvy and have alot of vintage-esque items instore. Nice post, and blog! :) ♥

Vivian Tumasonis said...

Your blog is so cool!!!!!!!!!

Kisses from Brazil!!

The Haute-Shopper said...

I used to buy some stuff from River Island, but I find the stores themselves to be quite daunting. Too much going on and you don't know where to start. I like some of these looks you posted especially that first dress and they do great shoes & accessories as well!

KATIA said...

Ouh, beautiful garments! That last top is amazing! But I must admit, while scrolling down my eyes were more focused on the shoes!! They are incredible :)

the gorgeous said...

that collection is hilarious! lovee it all! the 2nd look is ti die for!
I'm going to check the site.

Nubia said...

This is very inspiring I have to check it out!

rebecca said...

i do love the clothes there now although i have found that they arent such good quality however i do hate walking into their shop. the music is blarring and its so stuffy, i just feel ill. so i just keep to shopping online because the shop is just horrible x