So, I thought i would show you a couple of my (easily photographed) presents from Christmas
I got the fashion colouring book i talked about a few post ago and it's even better in real life!
As well as the awesome Teen Vogue Handbook
I got the book in the last few pictures which is called Dear Me
If you haven't already bought it I urge you to get a copy
It is a load of celebs writing letters to their 16 year old self
Some of the celebs i didn't even know but it doesn't matter as each letter is different
Some are funny, inspiring, emotional and enlightening
Check it out here
I also got a load of DVDs which i haven't got round to watching yet
Oh except from American Teen, I watched that last night
It was really interesting
especially for someone like me who grew up thinking going to an American high school would be the most glamorous thing in the world and like a scene from clueless
But after watching the movie, i think i kinda realised that no matter where in the world you live school is just the same everywhere!
I also got some fabulous new converse
And I got a red lipstick
I have wanted one for such a long time
and finally me and MAC's Lady Danger found one another!
Good times!
I wanna hear what you all got
What was your fave gifts?


Fashion Wh0re said...

Love Nick and Norah playlist & That Teen Vogue Book is Awesome i have it also..My Favorite Gifts were This Camera i Got, Money, also just go The sartorialist book Finally and Nail Polish tons of them [i'm a Nail Polish freak lol] and other stuff but those were my faves

Phoebe said...

I got the Dear Me book as well, haven't cracked into it yet.

Anonymous said...

Lovely books and DVDs in your collection!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous gifts! I need to check out that 16-year old self book! Love the red lipstick- makes you just feel so glamorous :) Happy 2010 to you!! xo, Mel

Nubia said...

Awesome books and DVD's! happy new year!


Alyssa said...

Thank you!
That 'Dear Me' looks really really cool.
Oh and my American high school was so unglamorous. It's hell if you believe in individuality.

GWYN said...

lucky you! amazing gifts you have here :)

henna is totally awesome! do try it :)


selinaoolala said...

woww your presents are fab! i wanted to get the tv handbook but didn't see it available, did you get it from amazon? is it any good? the dear me book looks lovely too! i'm only 20 but i could write a veeeery long letter to my 16 year old self! haha! infact if you think about it you could almost write a letter to yourself now telling you to get off your butt and make the most of life haha!

LaurenSchoon said...

You just reminded me that I need to go buy Coco Before Chanel and The September Issue!

Chasing Cherries said...

Nice stuff!! I want that Vogue Handbook too!!

Tati said...

cute blog!
love the books they look super fun!!
I think the coco chanel movie was FANTASTIC! I found it very inspiring and adorable:)
come check out my blogs!


Anonymous said...

seems you had some great presents =)

Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Great books :)

litttledarling said...

i have the same mac lipstick!!!!!! happy new year,


S. Bernstein said...

funny, I got two of those books for the holidays as well, I preferred the Teen Vogue Handbook over my world of fashion though.

Daisy said...

Oh wow ! Such fab goodie, those book look really good!