So, at the end of last year my mum found the most adorable shop on Etsy
called Kim Smith
She sells these beautiful charm style bangles with beads and baubles
My mum had bought quite a few different styles for her self and after hearing me and my sisters say how much we loved them (and dropping a lot of un-subtle hints!) she bought us all one for Christmas too
This is mine pictured above
I really love it
and pink is just the perfect choice of colour for me too
Mine's also has little mini charms on it with sayings like faith, love, joy etc.
You also get a matching pair of earrings too
The best thing about the bracelets are the price
They are so reasonable that you can treat yourself to a few at a time!
You can check out Kim's shop on Etsy here
She has sooo many different colours and designs
to choose from
Let me know what you think?
Oh and I know I haven't mentioned this on my blog before because i feel like everyone is going on about it but
seriously I just can't not-
Is this not like THE best show ever made!
I love it!
I know that we are much further behind in the UK than in America episode wise
But last night the single ladies episode got shown here
It was just beyond Classic!


proletkult said...

cute, especially that your mum does do it ;-)

fashion soldat said...

this is brilliant awesome! i used to be addicted to beads.

Tanja said...

so lovely :) I love the colours, it's so cute!


Kim Smith said...

Hi Emma, thank you so so much for featuring your bracelet, it looks fab there, love your pics. I'm so pleased to hear you are enjoying it! My son watches Glee too and loves it! xx

kechiko said...

Those are amazing! Thanks for sharing. Hmmm I may order a custom piece!

ediot said...

looks a bit like candy. and i loooove candy.

xx ediot